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Use our stream calculator for Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music to calculate how much money you should be earning from streaming your music.

Streaming Royalty Calculator

Streaming Royalty Calculator

Find out how much money you should be making from your music streaming services.

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Ever wanted to set yourself financial targets for your music? Ever wanted to know how much money your favourite musicians makes just through streaming services? Well now you can check. Even though Spotify do not publicly release the information surrounding how much money they pay artists per listen, the calculator above can help you determine how much your streams are worth.


Stream calculators are accurate at providing the income an artist can make from platforms such as Spotify. However, they do not take into account additional charges that a musician may incur. While you may be able to calculate your earnings at around £30 per 10000 Spotify streams, the take home can be significantly less. Bigger artists will most likely have to split their earning amongst the record label, producers, artists, and songwriters.


Every stream is different. It is almost impossible to create a royalty calculator for YouTube because the platform doesn’t calculate it’s earnings by view or stream. Unlike Spotify who pays per listen, YouTube calculates earnings by length of video, type of audience, type of ads and then finally views. If your a musician and you can’t decide which music streaming service is better, you can simply use both. While YouTube is free to use, the cost of Spotify is often worth it in the long run as people often prefer to listen to music on their phone through Spotify.

Stream Calculator
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More Frequently asked questions

On average Spotify will pay artists around £0.04 per stream. This is open to some change and is a rough estimate on how much you can earn, there are several ways this figure can be increased.

Our Spotify Stream Calculator is completely free to use. While their our plans to potentially create a paid version in the future with additional features, we think it’s important for the current version to remain free.

No! We also have an Apple Stream Calculator and a Tidal Stream Calculator! Scroll up and check it out.

A lot of artists that we worked with wanted to know how much money they could potentially earn through streaming their music online. There were a lot of misconceptions and so we thought it would be a good idea to put something on our website that could help musicians all over the world. Woking with them we eventually settled on creating the above resource, a quick easy to use revenue and streaming calculator.

Well the first way and the most obvious, is to make your music available to stream through Spotify. There are multiple ways you can do this, some more efficient than others. The way in which you promote and optimise your music for Spotify streaming will also have a direct impact on your income. Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you earn an income through Spotify music.

Our Spotify Streaming Calculator is a cross platform message optimization app for all devices that can be shared on your site. Contact Us For More Information

Not on spotify yet? We can help.

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