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There is a lot of information out there for musicians when it comes to social media. We make it easy to by handling everything you need us to, no matter whether you have a large following or need help growing your fan base. 

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There are two types of musicians. There are those that don’t post everyday on social media, don’t make confident decisions on how to produce content, and only engage with fans through sporadic undisciplined bursts of creativity. Then there are those that are successful and achieve their strategic goals.

 Our team of professionals will walk you through everything you need to know about how your social media should be run. We save our artists time and money by doing the hard work for them. No more stressing about how and when to post. Our team of experts will manage your social media platforms and slowly grow your audience and fan base. 


We all know about the artists that were a one-hit wonder. They had one big song then disappeared. 

We have all also encountered the musicians that start off well, producing lots of music and content… but then they disappear. Unless they are famous enough, most of these musicians never recover their original numbers. 

Social Media is where many artists can make or break their career. It’s where you build, grow and connect with your fan base. It’s where you communicate who you are and what your music is all about. 

On average someone will see or listen to an artist 5-9 times before they make a decision to follow them or subscribe to their music. That means your brand and marketing can often be more important than how good your music is when it comes to growing a fan base!


When listeners like your music, they will often seek you out on social media. They want to know who you are and get access to content behind the music. 

It is super important that your platforms communicate a consistent message about who you are. Using a mixture of picture and video, a musician needs to engage their audience. Once an audience member starts to regularly watch, like and comment on your posts – they become more likely to buy merch and gig tickets.


As a musician, the frequency of your social media posts should be determined by your goals and audience engagement. It’s generally recommended to post regularly, at least a few times a week on each platform, to keep your followers engaged and informed about your music and upcoming events. You can also use social media analytics to track engagement and adjust your posting schedule accordingly. However, Quality over Quantity is always the key, post valuable and informative content that will keep your followers interested in you and your music.


Not on spotify yet? We can help.

Whether you are looking to release your first EP, a single or just need help getting started, we have a range of bespoke music marketing and PR price plans available. The following is a guide to how we divide our pricing plans and shows some of our most popular options, we are more than happy to sit down with you an tailor a plan to your budget.

*Only applicable with a contract length of 3 months or more.

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