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How to Become a Musician

Marketing Musicians provide a number of different services. The different opportunities we offer our customers have all been designed for the same purpose, to create an effective long-term marketing campaign.

We work with you to help create the right image and to portray yourself as the musician you want to be. Our training can show you not only how to perform as a professional musician but, how to survive in the industry.

See the different services we offer.

Get Songs on spotify

We help musicians and bands get their songs onto platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. We can show you how to optimise your profile and get additional streams.

studio sessions

We can provide you with one-on-one time with experienced sound engineers. Whether you are working on a single or just need something mastering, we can help.

Easy Payment method

Using Marketing Musicians is as simple as paying your phone contract. Choose the services that you need and pay for them monthly. You can cancel at anytime within 28-days notice.*

Music Videos

We have a team of award winning film and video professionals. Our clients have access to music videos, interviews and recorded covers that can be promoted online through our digital marketing team.

our prices

Whether you are looking to release your first EP, a single or just need help getting started, we have a range of bespoke music marketing and PR price plans available. The following is a guide to how we divide our pricing plans and shows some of our most popular options, we are more than happy to sit down with you an tailor a plan to your budget.

*Only applicable with a contract length of 3 months or more.


Per month*


Per month*


Per month*

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Helping Musicians start careers all over the UK. Get in touch today to see we can help you become a professional artist.

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