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Hello there! We understand that just how important hiring the right Musician is. We take great pride in our selection of Musicians that cater to events of any size. Our team has personally worked with everyone that we recommend, so that you get not just a talented artist, but a reliable and friendly one.

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Looking for talented musicians to make your event unforgettable? Look no further, we have a diverse and thriving set of musicians available. From intimate acoustic acts to lively bands, find the perfect entertainment for any occasion.

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Tim Newman - Burn Up

Tim Newman


Tim Newman is an 21 year old busker who has been performing since he was 13. Tim has regular gigs across the country and his debut single hit 65,000 streams in it’s first week.

Joel Winterflood


Joel Winterflood is a singer, songwriter born in the South East of the UK. A talented musician best known for his song ‘Drowning’ which broke 1.5 million listens on Spotify,.

Niall Newman


Niall has a degree in Music and is a singer/ guitarist in The Move Band. He has toured across the UK and Belgium. He currently has his own single on the bands 2017 EP ‘YHWH – More Beautiful’.

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