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We combine a number of different strategies to provide music marketing and PR services to our clients across the UK. Our work helps events and venue owners to find local musicians.

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Marketing Musicians

We are a music marketing and PR agency that specialise in growing and building music careers that last. 

We understand how hard it is making the jump into the a full time music career and we are here to help. At Marketing Musicians we work alongside our clients to help guide them in the different ways of making money through music

Our vision is to empower an entire generation, giving them the skills and tools they need to fend for themselves in a competitive industry. We take on artists who can’t afford the expensive industry prices and show them ways to grow their online profiles. 

Giving musicians exposure online and showing them how to find opportunities are vital to making money as an independent artist in 2018.

By providing equipment, studio sessions, lessons and one-on-one mentoring with industry professionals we help make dreams come true. 


Music Marketing

Want to be able to see yourself on a Google Search? We will ensure that you are not only known by word of mouth but have a complete online profile that is put in front of hundreds to thousands of people every month.

Album Artwork and Design

We can help you design album artwork, logos, social media posts and banners. Whatever you need to help you get started and keep your image looking professional.

Consultanting and Advice

If you are an established musician you might not require all of our services. That's okay, we also offer bespoke consulting services with music industry experts.

Find Local Musicians

If you're a local business or venue seeking additional performance acts or last minute musicians, we can help. All of our artists are trained to perform live gigs. Contact us today to find the right person to play at your event.

Training and Mentoring

We provide one-on-one mentoring and training. Our professional team members can take you step by step throughout the whole journey, they will be on-hand 24/7 to provide expert advice and support.

Music PR and Social Media

Anyone can use social media, but not everyone can use it well. We have a background in handling social media channels for high profile clients and promoting their public image. If you want more followers or to see yourself in the news, we can help.

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We have an multi-award winning video production and film team behind us. No matter what style you are after, marketing musicians can provide bespoke and high quality music videos.


Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboard, Drums and even singing lessons are available. All of our music teachers excel in their selected fields and are experienced in training others in music. No matter whether you are starting from scratch or have been playing for a while, we can help.

Studio Sessions

We offer our clients industry standard production. You will be provided with exclusive one-on-one sessions with our studio production team and sound engineer. Marketing Musicians are an agency that can offer you the chance to complete your first EP, album  or single with an experienced producer.


A big part of a musicians early career starts in small venues doing live gigs. It’s how you can get known and market yourself in the style you want. We have a number of connections across West Sussex that allow us to guarantee you weekly or monthly live gigs. Best of all, we can promise you competitive rates every time you perform.

studio session by marketing musicians


Marketing Musicians role is to get artists a foothold in the industry so that they can start building on their careers. We work hard so that musicians can earn money from doing what they love. Making music. 

We want new musicians to learn how they can begin on their journey to having a music career. No hidden costs. No huge bills. Just simple steps and affordable prices. We work with an experienced team of producers, freelance digital marketing agencies and film makers who believe in cutting costs to help start up musicians.

See some of the musicians we are currently working with. Tim Newman, singer and songwriter from Horsham is currently one of our most popular artists.

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Helping Musicians start careers all over the UK. Get in touch today to see we can help you become a professional artist.

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